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Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a question that we are commonly asked? No bones about it! There are a lot of questions people have about veterinary technology and the Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians. Here you can find just a few of those compiled questions that will help you get a basic understanding of the way things work in the world of veterinary technology.

How do I become a member of the OAVT?
To become a member just visit the Form section of The Downloads Page and either print and mail it to the address on the sheet or, for faster service, fill out our online version. If you have questions please feel free to email General Info and we will reply to your question promptly.
Can I become a member if I am a student in a distance learning program but live in Ohio?
Yes! Being a member of the OAVT gives you access to state CE information, changing laws that effect veterinary technicians in Ohio and gives you the opportunity to meet other VT students.
If I live in a state that borders Ohio can I become an OAVT member?
Yes! You would be an affiliate member of the OAVT, receive our newsletter and be able to take part in Midwest Veterinary Conference and Discovery at the discounted rates.
I am an OAVT member, but have no idea to what district I belong. Help!
First, in what county do you live? Do you work in the same county or a different county? You can be a member of the district you work in or the district you live in, each has it's advantages. Locate your county/counties on our Map section of The Districts Page. Each county has a corresponding district number. For example if you live in Wayne county (district 8) but work in Ashland county (district 4) you could pick one or the other. Choosing the district in which you work is helpful because you are more likely to be in contact with other OAVT members in that district, while choosing the one where you live may place you closer to district meetings and events. The choice is yours!
I love animals, how do I become a veterinary technician?
To become a veterinary technician in the state of Ohio you must go to a 2 or 4 year American Veterinary Medical Association (or AVMA) nationally accredited school to receive an associates or a bachelors degree in veterinary technology. You then take the VTNE (national board exam for veterinary technology) and register with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board (or OVMLB) as a credentialed veterinary technician. Please see our Vet Tech Schools Page for information on the accredited schools in Ohio.
What is a veterinary technician?
A veterinary technician is a person who has attended an accredited program in veterinary technology, graduated and is registered with their state licensing board. They are involved in many different aspects of veterinary medicine and perform many of the duties vital to excellent patient and client care in a hospital setting. The term veterinary nurse has been used to help the public relate to what a veterinary technician does, but it would be more accurate to say that a veterinary technician is a nurse, dental hygienist, surgical assistant, scrub nurse, radiology technician, lab technician, microbiologist, client service specialist, communications expert, transcriptionist, pharmacology technician, manager, nutritionist, animal trainer, behavior counselor, sanitation specialist and an exceptional person.
I work in a practice and would like to become a credentialed technician but can't attend a traditional veterinary technology program. What can I do?
If you are working in the field of veterinary medicine and would like to become a credentialed technician you now have options that haven't been there before. The Ohio programs not only offer daytime classes but also part-time programs and evening programs, so it's worth checking them out! Be aware that there are also AVMA nationally accredited distance learning programs that allow you to go to school, keep your job and earn your degree! Please see our Vet Tech Schools Page for more information on these programs.
I'm a NAVTA member, why should I be an OAVT member?
While the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America (or NAVTA) represents technicians on a national level, the OAVT represents us on a state level. Various policies set by the national organization are not necessarily adopted by the state organizations and vice versa. It is important to be involved on both a national and a state level, so that you are aware of both national and state issues and are able to voice your concerns to both parties. While NAVTA can provide discounts on attending national events, the OAVT provides discounts on state events such as the Midwest Veterinary Conference and Discovery. Being an OAVT member also can keep you up to date on district events that are in your neighborhood!
I'm a distance learning student living in Ohio who is about to graduate from an AVMA accredited program. What steps do I need to take to sit for the VTNE?
When you are in your last set of classes, or after you graduate, contact the OAVT through this website or the OVMA office, and we will be able to put you in contact with the person(s) administrating the exam. Correspondence can be directed to our corresponding secretary:

Email the OAVT Corresponding Secretary for more information.
If I'm a technician from another state can I work in Ohio?
Please refer to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board's website for information on this subject and details regarding state guidelines. Information about how to become an RVT in the state of Ohio is also included on their website.
If I am a technician that was licensed/registered under the grandfather clause in another state can I work in Ohio?
Please refer to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board's website for information on this matter. Information about how to become an RVT in Ohio is also included on their website.
If I was an RVT in Ohio who was grandfathered in but have let my registration lapse can I renew my registration?
Technicians that were granted registration under the grandfather clause that have allowed their registrations to lapse can not renew their registration. Please refer to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board's website for more information on this subject.
Can a graduate of a foreign veterinary school or veterinary technology program work as a veterinary technician in Ohio?
Please refer to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board's website for information on this. Information about how to become an RVT in Ohio is also included on their website.
Do all 10 hours of my CE credits need to be done in a seminar type setting?
No, all 10 hours need not come from seminars alone. Four of the ten hours may come from journals, tapes, computer reading lectures, or office management seminars. These are considered non-scientific hours. For a full disclosure of how you can earn your 10 hours please refer to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board's website guidelines.
If I do not meet the requirements for renewing my registration for a biannual period and allow my registration to lapse what are my options to re-activate my registration?
If you allow your registration to lapse you need to contact the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, either through the mail or their website, as soon as possible. They can best advise you on what you will need to do.
If I have achieved specialty status (VTS), am I able to add those letters to my name (i.e. Jane Doe, RVT, VTS)?
There is still much controversy surrounding this issue. Once we have reached a conclusion on this matter we will post the resulting answer here.
I just graduated from a veterinary technician school, when will my continuing education be due?
Registration Cycles last two years from March 1st to March 1st two years later. If it is your first renewal you do not need to report continuing education for this renewal period. For more information go to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board website.
My name and/or address has changed, who do I need to contact?
For the OAVT you should contact our membership chair person via an email. You will also need to correct your information with the licensing board as well - this has to be in writing (per the practice act). You can find the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board address at their website.
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